The founder of the company, Valentina, has a background of 25 years in fashion design. Since her early years in the fashion industry she has held a strong passion for elegance, luxurious style elements and harmonious presentation. Having worked with fashion design icons and visionaries such as Karl Lagerfeld was inspiring. It allowed Valentina to explore and get inspired by ideas from past art movements such as French Baroque. However, the sophistication and refinement of the Victorian era continues to be Valentina’s favorite.

Having extensively traveled throughout Europe as well as having lived and worked abroad in Vienna continues to inspire Valentina’s design aesthetic.

Extending her fashion expertise into interior décor was a natural progression and what started as a personal hobby has developed into an international business. She has representatives in Vienna, Austria who aid in sourcing elements from local vendors.

Valentina is dedicated to achieving that perfect combination of antique charm and modern functionality helping people creating their beautiful dream home.